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Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP) is the only educational center in the world located in a Free Zone District dedicated to professional learning with a focus on educational organizations and companies. The education range of services include consultants to universities professors and an eclectic range of rental training institutes for conferences, work shops and further education. The campus was previously known as Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) and was launched in September 2003. It has grown rapidly and has become the centre of excellence in Dubai.


There are a number of Universities from many countries who have a branch in DKP, providing an exceptional learning experience in first class educational facilities.


DKP has been a successful initiative, providing companies and students with the facilities to enroll on long or short courses and study opportunities. There are also a significant number of training institutes and consultants in the field of further education and HR. Dubai Academic City has become the district for many schools, universities and colleges while The Dubai Knowledge Park has become more focused on training institutes and academic support services. There are several types of fully equipped commercial rental centers within DPK offering conference rooms, meeting rooms, desk facilities. It also has an amazing food court, sports facilities and gym. It regularly hosts networking events including a Breakfast Club in the food hall.

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Knowledge Park
Knowledge Park
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A beautiful, clean, modern facility. Great for training large or small teams. We will be back!
D Robson, IQ data